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IKAGG Connect Membership Agreement

Last Updated:  October 2, 2018


This IKAGG Connect Membership Agreement (“Membership Agreement”) explains the agreement between you and IKAGG Global Enterprises LLC (“we” or “IKAGG Corporate”) and (“Site”). You must read this Membership Agreement and the IKAGG1 Privacy Policy available at, accept the terms, and complete the Membership Form to initiate your Membership process.


By completing and submitting this Membership Form, you understand, agree, and attest to the following:


  • I support the “Together Is Amazing” mission of IKAGG Connect which is to build an inclusive, diverse, and open community of business owners and networking professionals whose goal it is to support each other and grow our businesses together.


  • The information I have provided in my Membership sign-Up Form is accurate.


  • I am encouraged to attend meetings regularly so I can build relationships with my Team Members and know that there is no “attendance policy” unless I am on the Leadership Team.


  • I am encouraged to join and participate in other networking groups and am not required to be a Member exclusively of IKAGG Connect. However, I may not be an IKAGG Connect Member if I am a owner/principal of another networking group or organization (unless chosen to be a "Brand Partner" with IKAGG Corporate). Further, potential members who are in leadership positions with other networking organizations are subject to approval by both the Team Leader and IKAGG Corporate. There may be very rare circumstances where approval will be granted and it is at the sole discretion of IKAGG Corporate.


  • If I resign from IKAGG Connect, or my Membership is terminated, my Membership and any renewal dues paid are non-refundable.


  • IKAGG Connect reserves the right to change its Membership program at any time effective immediately. IKAGG Connect will notify its Members of substantive changes via the contact information provided by each Member.


  • I assume full responsibility for any information that I post on the website and any of its social media pages (including, but not limited to, its Facebook®, Instagram®, & LinkedIn®, etc. pages) and warrant that any material posted will not infringe on the privacy, intellectual property, or publicity rights of any third party.


  • IKAGG Connect is not responsible for reviewing and monitoring any information published or distributed by its Members through its Site or social media.


  • IKAGG Connect may at any time remove any Member material that it deems in its sole discretion to be offensive or inappropriate.


  • Fees and Payment Terms

    • Members must pay:

      • on sign-up to become an IKAGG Connect Member

      • on each renewal date of my Membership, the Membership Fee:

        • For Monthly Members – Membership Fee will automatically renew on the sign-up date each month.

        • For Yearly Members – Membership Fee will automatically renew on anniversary of original sign-up date).


  • IKAGG Corporate may vary the fees from time to time on notice to me. IKAGG Corporate will provide a minimum of 30 days’ notice of fee changes by email to my last recorded email address (with the exception of a Member signing up during a Membership Special or the use of a promo-code). Such change in fees will be effective when my Connect Membership renews, either that next month (for Monthly Members) or that next year (For Yearly Members).


  • My Membership may be terminated if I breach this Membership Agreement or my conduct is deemed detrimental to the IKAGG Connect mission or culture.


  • IKAGG Corporate does not endorse any Member (unless they are a designated Brand Partner), or their expertise, standards or capabilities and accepts no liability in relation to any business conducted by or between Members.


  • A decision to conduct business with another Member is the sole responsibility of the me and is conducted at my sole discretion and risk.


  • IKAGG Corporate will collect personal information about me to enable the delivery of Membership benefits accordingly. The information provided on my Membership Form may also be used to assist in planning, communications, connections, promotions and offers. IKAGG Corporate may publish the information provided on my Membership Form on its website and Member Directory and will share this information with other Members through the IKAGG1 platform. My personal information will otherwise be handled in accordance with IKAGG1’s Privacy Policy, which is located online at


  • IKAGG Corporate does not authorize, and is not in any way responsible for marketing communications sent to me by other Members. If I do not wish to receive marketing or other communications from another Member, I agree to contact that Member directly. Should it continue after that contact has been made, I will email IKAGG Corporate at




If you are applying to be on the Leadership Team for your group (Welcome Team, Membership Team, etc), a Team Leader, or a Market Group Leader, you understand, agree, and attest to all of the Membership Terms, as well as the following:


  • My Membership application into Leadership will be reviewed by the Membership Committee and, upon completion of the screening process, I will be notified of my acceptance or non-acceptance.


  • I understand the Absentee Policy:


  • For Leadership Team - four (4) consecutive meetings, or eight (8) meetings during a calendar six-month period (January – June or July – December) without having a valid reason, my Membership will be reviewed and may be terminated.


  • For Team Leader - three (3) consecutive meetings, or five (5) meetings during a calendar six-month period (January – June or July – December) without having a valid reason, my Membership will be reviewed and may be terminated.


  • I plan on being on time for all meetings. If I arrive more than 10 minutes late or leave more than 10 minutes early more than two times in a six-month calendar period, it will count as an absence.


  • I will notify IKAGG Corporate at least 12 hours in advance if I am unable to attend a meeting; 24 hours is preferable.


  • I will support each Member on my IKAGG Connect Team and other IKAGG Connect Team Members, as well.


  • I will assume a leadership position and take responsibility for the success of my Team.


  • I am responsible for the growth and health of my Team and I will invite guests to meetings.


  • I will encourage my guests to join IKAGG Connect; helping to determine which meeting location is best for them.


  • I will share leads, referrals, resources, testimonials, and support with my Team Members and understand that my “shares” will be reviewed on a periodic basis to help me evaluate my level of participation within the Team.


  • IKAGG Connect reserves the right to add, merge, restructure, or discontinue Teams and to change Membership benefits.


  • If I decide to terminate my Membership, I will communicate it to in writing, giving at least 7 business days’ notice, and understand that all my information may be removed from IKAGG Connect’s website and social media within 7 business days of notification.


Contacting Us. You may contact us at any time about this Membership Agreement by emailing Info@IKAGG1com.

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