Operating in the business to business world comes with unique challenges. Deadlines, monthly goals, building a pipeline of prospects, and long sales cycles mean that B2B professionals have to manage their time wisely while building strategic relationships. 


That is why we designed IKAGG B2B to meet the specific needs of those in the B2B category.  

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IKAGG B2B is an innovative networking organization that is streamlined for efficiency and opportunity while still based in the proven culture of IKAGG.

If you are ready to surround yourself with other professionals to grow your business and your relationships then IKAGG B2B may be right for you.

Here are some of the benefits that being a member of IKAGG B2B can provide you:

  • Virtual platform to reduce travel and add efficiency

  • Capped business categories to provide diversity of members

  • A Bi-weekly commitment to attend meetings to fit better into busy schedules

  • Meeting follow up information provided so you won't miss an opportunity

  • LinkedIn Integration strategy to help members to collaborate easily

  • An intimate group of dedicated Teammates helping each other succeed

  • Weekly communication from IKAGG as action prompts to help your grow

  • Monthly in-person after hours gatherings for relationship growth

  • A Platinum level directory Listing with IKAGGDirectory.com (SEO improvement)

  • And much more!

If you are ready to grow your businesses and expand your relationships by surrounding yourself with like-minded business to business professionals, then IKAGG B2B may be right for you. Register below to visit an upcoming meeting. After we receive your registration, we will contact you with more details.

Guest policy:

You are invited to be our guest for one meeting. After attending, you will need to decide if you wish to apply for membership.