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"When we all pull together in the same direction for the benefit of each other, AMAZING things happen!"

- Deanna Ley, Founder and CEO of IKAGG


The #TogetherIsAmazing Movement is all about coming together, building relationships, and strengthening community.


When we work together, putting others before ourselves, we can accomplish amazing things.


Each IKAGG Platform is Designed with YOU in Mind

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The Weekly IKAGG Networking Experience

IKAGG CONNECT provides the opportunity for businesses to come together each week to Connect, Collaborate, and Grow, both virtually and in person.

CONNECT is where business referral relationships start and grow, and where members support, uplift, and encourage each other.


The IKAGG Networking Experience For B2B Professionals

Designed for the busy business-to-business professional, IKAGG B2B is an efficient, innovative approach to networking.

This unique platform uses technology and innovative methods to increase collaboration, exposure, and business opportunities for its members. 


The Prolific Business Directory of IKAGG is your #1 source for connecting with amazing businesses.


This online directory website is an SEO machine designed with the small business in mind, giving them the ability to be found fast.

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Where It All Started

IKAGG's social media voice is all about connecting and helping small businesses.

We are active on all major social platforms, from the original IKAGG St. Louis Facebook Group (14K members and growing) and IKAGG Groups in cities across the USA, to our strong presence on LinkedIn and Instagram.

​Our goal is to provide the most outstanding experience for all who want to CONNECT and COLLABORATE with other ambitious professionals to GROW their business relationships and build strong referral partnerships.

We invite you to experience all that IKAGG has to offer. All IKAGG platforms are inclusive and accepting of all who appreciate the #TogetherIsAmazing Movement and the culture that IKAGG was built upon.

The Three Pillars of the IKAGG Culture are:


We believe in abundance and opportunity for all. We believe that the only competition you have is that of you verses your goals. In order to achieve your goals you need community.


We believe that building deep and meaningful relationships with others leads to more opportunities, both to serve and to receive. 


We believe that by giving to others you help them to achieve their goals and in turn receive. Giving can take on many forms and is not purely limited to referrals. By giving first and giving often we all can succeed. 




The IKAGG Culture